If you take a look at recommendations from „experts“ you’ll most likely find many different opinions. The vast majority of them can’t work and here is why: These recommendations aren’t based on the particular individual. In this field, it is almost impossible to provide methods that will work wonders for everybody. However, I want to show you, how I’ve done it in a natural, sincere way.

  1. You’re, what you’ve experienced. If you’ve already experienced a lot of different things, you’ll most likely be able to join a broad range of conversations. This will not just give you practice in the way of how to communicate, you’ll also benefit from interacting with different kind of people.
  2. Do the things you’re passionate about and become an expert in those. If you spend more time doing the things you are passionate about, you’re likely to become more confident, more productive and you’ll be satisfied because you obviously do the things you want to do. Bottom Line: Make sure to set the stage for shifting more time to those activities. If those events give you additional to the joy factor, flow and money, that is even better. C. Guillebeau refers to this as winning the “career lottery.”
  3. Communicate with a lot of people and learn how to handle different interactive situations. Best case is to get into conversations with international people. Based on various Values, Cultures, and Beliefes, you can definitely be sure about facing new topics, standpoints, and attitudes. This is an excellent experience, and you’ll learn how to handle a different kind of situations.
  4. Surround yourself with mostly positive people. If you do so, you’ll probably develop a positive mindset, too. You may hear about having the right mindset is essential. And yes it is, definitely!
  5. Do something for your body, whether it is resistance training or some kind of team sport. This will have a tremendous impact on almost everything in you. Especially when you do something you really like. You will feel better, look better and become a well-rounded person.

Posted by Claudio R.

(B. SC.) Technical Management and Marketing; (MIB) Master of International Business; (MIM) Master of International Marketing

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