In life, you will get plenty of recommendations on growth which will be good advice and bad advice. I will discuss in this blog post my approach for enabling the growth mindset to grow your personal development.


Business, Relationship, and Career:

As I completed my Undergraduate courses in 2014, I returned home to Los Angeles California in search of starting my career. What I soon began to realize was that the Job Market was very fragmented and most companies could care less if you had a  degree or not they wanted you to have personal experience with their business for longer than a year. If not that most companies I realized wanted workers to just listen and remain in their same position instead of being a creator or intrapreneur within the enterprise. Unless of course, you were working in the creative sector.

So I faced many disappointments in my search for a well-suited career. I became slightly depressed and unmotivated towards my goals to pursue a professional career and was actually lost to a certain extent. But I reflected and began to read more literature and apply what I learn, and I also observed more of the positive qualities of others instead of thinking and viewing in the negative mindset. Two books that aided me through this journey were the Mindset, by Carol S. Dweck, and How to win friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie. Through reading these two books, I learned to apply a Growth Mindset approach to my lifestyle and in general my overall personal and professional development.

I used positive thinking and surrounded myself, my positive thinkers, I engaged others for learning instead of blocking out what I thought was useless, and I began each day with a new step towards my future. I soon was able to manage two jobs one in Accounting and one in Entertainment, and I successfully applied and was accepted to Graduate school. From reading my short experience, I want the reader to take three major points never give up on your development, always engage in positive thinking in your personal interactions, and apply everything you learn especially when your learning from failure.

Things to learn from this personal growth story: 

  1. Motivate oneself and believe in Growth Mindset
  2. Set short term goals for improvement, and once accomplished make them long term goals for continued progression.
  3. Experience everything you can ad learn from each experience
  4. Don’t be afraid to get help from others, learn from others
  5. Observe surrounding and other abilities and actions in your environment.
  6. Think positively, and surround yourself with positive thinkers
  7. Whenever you’re on the edge of giving up think of how far you have come and get right back up
  8. Read a book from time to time it can’t hurt it can only develop new ideas which are a success
  9. Help others and ask for feedback from others to evaluate oneself from different perspectives
  10. Keep your heart and mind open and you will always…and win

Posted by Kyle S.

(B.SC.) Business Management MIB '17 Hult International Business school I am Growth minded student with a passion for success. My greatest tangible strength lies in my communication skills, leadership skills, travel experience and ability to grow and learn. I am eager to broaden my network and learn from others on a global scale in order to enhance my personal development. The life I live and journey I take in a sense will be the dream that I make a reality.

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