It wasn’t only the fact that I enjoyed presenting, but I taught myself how to perform with confidence in those situations. Subsequently, as practice, I continued to enhance my knowledge about presentation skills. I read books focusing on an improved skill set of methods. Through reading and researching I discovered a lot of useful and highly interesting approaches about how to present well. But the Bottom line is: Only a very few things worked well for me, and actually the most favorable things were modified methods from these books by me. Everybody has, to some extent, a different style of presenting, though, I’ll share the one that works extraordinarily perfect for me in this post. That being said, all of my presentations and talks, in which I applied these methods, were scored in the top percentile of the score maximum, including my recent one in MIB. These following Notes are considered as slightly modified Principles of Dale Carnegie’s bestseller “The quick and easy way to effective speaking” and my own experience.

Note #1: Become the expert in your specific topic. You need to aim to know more than every other participant from the audience and ideally even more than your Professor and or Boss does.

Once you have become the expertise in your particular topic when making a presentation on your knowledge you will leave the audience convinced and be wanting more. You’ll most likely be confident when you speak, as well as displaying excellent posture and hence giving the audience the impression of professional.

Note #2: Give honest reference and credit to people who had inspired you.

Everybody seeks to be important, aims to do something meaningful in life. Therefore, nobody likes people,  who suppress others for own interests. At the moment when you step to the front of the class, the audience is likely to get the feeling of being pushed downwards by you subconsciously. To negate this, you might start your talk in a friendly way. Additionally, you may give credit to people, who inspired you in your prior experiences. This could be one of the individuals in the audience, an author, your Professor or an experience from your past. By shifting the attention to those people, the more personal and authentic your speech becomes and the more powerful your response will be.
Another great advice is to give your Instructor respect and credit for your being an excellent Professor. When you do that, the majority of the time you will reap the benefits, because you have built your solution approaches on what your teacher have taught you.

Note #3: Be enthusiastic and dramatize your ideas.

There is nothing greater than listening to a speaker, who is enthusiastic about what he is doing. Excellent speakers often exaggerate their thoughts and solution approaches when presenting in front of an audience. By doing so, the audience tends to get strongly convinced by the points made by the speaker.

Bottom Line: Ever since I’d discovered these amazing techniques I’ve considered and applied these to my own presentations with remarkable and convincing results. As I said previously, all of my previous work have been scored in the top percentile of the score maximum. I firmly believe, these techniques may be highly beneficial for anyone’s  success, and I encourage you to apply them. 

Posted by Claudio R.

(B. SC.) Technical Management and Marketing; (MIB) Master of International Business; (MIM) Master of International Marketing

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