True Happiness

This will challenge typical motivation approaches.

I have recently read the book “The subtle art of not giving a F*ck- A counterintuitive approach to living a good life”, by Mark Menson. In his book, Menson describes among other things the pursuit of real happiness, which was very interesting to me. However, I have made also different experiences and hence, I don’t agree on all of his arguments.

I do agree with the basic premise that being happy comes from solving Problems. In this case, I would like to refer to this as creating solution approaches to certain Challenges. The author, who has, by the way, a refreshing style of writing, illustrates his statement by claiming that people are willing to strive for more and more, once one accomplished a certain goal. This might be the case in the theory of humanity since everyone wants to be important, but I believe it is more than only wanting more. In my opinion, our brain was evolved the way it was evolved, because of the fact that human beings want to have sufficient challenges in life to solve, to serve our brain’s basic function: To kind of “survive” in nature and being competitive.

By referring this to my own life, I see parallels. In my university, I frequently had to address different challenges and finding solutions to each. Mostly worked in a team of 5-7 people, we had accomplished these tasks due to a certain deadline. Means that there would be no excuse when not coming up with a great vision and with a belonging certain operative pathway. During these project, our whole group was so focussed that the only thing we were concerned about was to finish our task successfully with the given time. Subsequently, other things like going out for a drink or spending some time with the things we had loved to do quite suffered. This lack of free time was not bad, though. Quite the opposite, by having such a tough time schedule, you have no time to think about failing or other, not to the task related, negative things. You ‘re just being focussed. Focused on finishing the task in the best way the team is capable of.

Once these different team works were over, you really treasure and enjoy your free time more than ever before. This phenomenon, however, doesn’t last for long. By talking about my own experience, one week of having free time is enough. After reaching that point of time, I start getting bored and when there is more free time available I see myself getting stressed about having too much time to relax. I know this sounds in theory weird, but in reality, it is the case. I want to have challenges. Something that inspires me. Something that is difficult to address. Something that let us grow as a team as well as an individual. Dealing frequently with those tasks serves my inner urge to become passionate about the “Problems” to solve and to challenge my status quo of knowledge, attitude and personal view towards different things.

And I’m certain that this was the message Manson wanted to communicate when he stated that true happiness comes from solving problems.

Author: Claudio R.

(B. SC.) Technical Management and Marketing; (MIB) Master of International Business; (MIM) Master of International Marketing

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