Your Strongest Asset: Your Mind

You may not know it yet, but you have a great unleashed potential, which is waiting to get revealed

Have you ever wondered how other people around you have achieved the grade of success they did? You know what, you should appreciate their success and let them inspire you in your own way! The World is competition. Competing is performing. Without competition, there is little to no performance. That is what Arnold has been saying for years. If you blame other people for having just luck or the right network you do one of the most common mistakes possibles which inhibit your own acceleration. Stop blaming outside circumstances and start with the most essential step: Reflecting your own performance.

According to Cambridge, the mind is “the part of a person that makes it possible for him or her to think, feel emotions, and understand things,” that is interesting! So means that your mind is what all starts and with what all will end. Your mind is kind of your boss. It determines the pathway you are supposed to go. Empowering your mind will lead to superior personal success and achieving own’s maximum.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the greatest examples when it comes to an understanding how powerful the mind affects your life. When Arnold first came to America in 1968 nobody believed in him. Nevertheless, he has always believed in what he did. Firmly, with a passionate vision and the will it takes to become a champion. He first started out competing in Bodybuilding. He has taken this sport to a new level. After retiring in Bodybuilding, Arnold began his career in the field of movies. He was told that he was too big, his accent is too thick, and his last name is too hard to pronounce. However, Schwarzenegger had transferred the mindset which, among other things, made him Mr. Olympia to the new field. He knew that when he aims to also succeed in movies, he has to put the effort in he had put into his training before. His mind was ready, his effort followed. As you may know, Arnold has become one of the most well-paid actors in Hollywood. After succeeding in movies, he moved on to politics. And guess what? He did the same methods as for Bodybuilding and for movies. He became the Gouverneur of California. Until today he is so successful with what he is doing that it is almost unbelievable.

Long story short, Arnold’s journey of success from a young teenager having the dream to go one day to America has not only become real but also illustrated what is possible when you believe in your abilities, in your talent and in what you are doing. At the end of the day, this comes all back down to your mindset!

That is why I personally refer to the mind as your most valuable asset!

Author: Claudio R.

(B. SC.) Technical Management and Marketing; (MIB) Master of International Business; (MIM) Master of International Marketing

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