How to turn your Passion into your Reality within these 5 steps

I will reveal what we were taught by Sean Sheppard, from the GrowthX Academy at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center here in San Francisco.

Having a Passion in life is great. Having a Passion is terrific. Having a Passion means that you go for something particular. You think about this Passion all the time, you love those thoughts. You would love to do that activity your whole time actually. Many people try to earn a living by the attempt to transfer their passion into their actual job- with little to no success. They fail. They had spent all their money. They are broke. They stop pursuing their dream job. And you? You have read about those stories, and you are afraid to fail either. Failing to take all your courage and to go for your Passion. But what if I show you a 5-step pathway today on how to achieve this supreme state? I will reveal, what we were taught by Sean Sheppard, from the GrowthX Academie at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center here in San Francisco.

Background: San Francisco. The city of innovation. The city of great companies, such as LinkedIn or Fitbit. The stronghold of technological excellence within the startup scene. The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center is frequently giving great opportunities for listening to excellent speakers. So with the talk by Sean Sheppard from the GrowthX Academy, who held a discussion on how to hack your career. Within this talk, he explained the most essential points to take into consideration when pursuing that particular goal.

Make your Passion your Reality within these 5 Steps:

  1. Get Clear about your goal. Define your vision:
    – Put all of your concerns and fears aside in this step and just think about what activities made you being happy as a child. Reflect on the 5 most satisfying activities and list them up.
    – Now imagine 5 events, you were most passionate about as a teenager. Compare both of your lists and combine them into the TOP 5 overall list.
    – Pick one of those 5 activities and consider doing that particular activity in the upcoming week. After this week, get back to the list of activities you love the most. Week #2 is the week in which you perform your next activity from your list. Keep on doing that process for the next 5 weeks until you run through all of your listed activities.
  2. Clearly define the ideal job or profile that interests you the most. Also, consider responsibilities and skills needed for that job.
  3. Define your ideal company profile. What is the Value Proposition, customer segment, stage, and size of the business, growth and mentorship opportunities, salary, culture, benefits, and so on? Research for those aspects and find the company which fits into your preferences.
  4. Start the job search process identifying job openings of your ideal role on the list of typical companies. Look inside your network if someone does what your ideal position is, or if someone works in one of your ideal companies. Meet with people working in that role or business.
  5. Pitch yourself, telling your past experience, and value that you create. Research a problem that the company is having and present a solution to show the value that you create for the enterprise.
    Since I am actively pursuing my dreams with, among other, the usage of my personal list, things have become much easier and more exciting. In my opinion that is based on one, your focus has been sharpened when making your own list and second, you know you are on the right way finding out what you really love doing in life and what you really want in your life business wise.
    Finally, I want to give credit to Sean Sheppard for the terrific information he provided in his talk. In my mind, those given aspects are highly valuable and furthermore easy to implement in your everyday life. Start making your personal list today!

Author: Claudio R.

(B. SC.) Technical Management and Marketing; (MIB) Master of International Business; (MIM) Master of International Marketing

12 thoughts on “How to turn your Passion into your Reality within these 5 steps”

  1. Hi Claudio,

    Thanks for these very easy to follow steps.

    I think a lot of people do this backwards. They start by searching for jobs then try and make themselves fit into that position or role, without really thinking about what they want.

    I love how you say, “be happy as a child.”

    In anything mindset related, just being like you were is key. Unprogram yourself, strip away everything that life has burdened you with. Just be that child who believes anything is possible and that you can be yourself.

    In my newest post, I talk about finding your superpower, of which passion is a key element. I think if we start with what we have then go towards finding the career that fits us we’d be so much happier.

    Thanks so sharing,

    Nadalie, It’s All You Boo

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    1. I completely agree with this. Although a lot of people “Fake it until they make it”, I find that so many people are unhappy in their jobs because they really don’t know what they want.

      This is a great piece, thanks for sharing Claudio.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really like this post. As a college student graduating in May I find that a lot of the jobs I am looking at and applying for are positions that I am not really passionate about. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Great steps. I think one of the biggest problems for me in the past has been fear and self-doubt, but I push through it and keep moving forward. Don’t let someone tell you know too when it comes to your passion. Find another when then. Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you for sharing this list! I really like the idea of trying out 5 different topics over 5 weeks! I have to write the list now 🙂


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