Why you need Stress to Survive in Competition

Forget about all the wrong and totally over exaggerated promises and claims that you can work only a few hours per week and make the living others dream of. Here is what you got to do instead.

Stress handling ultimately separates the unstoppable guy from average competitors, here is why and moreover how you can make use out of it. Many experts say you should avoid stress to be competitive. I mean in some situations that might be applicable but when it comes to business and competing, it is nonsense. Stress is actually what drives you getting things done. Stress is your inner urge to succeed. Stress is being excited to bring the best value to people you are capable of. Pressure means competition. Competitions say that you got to perform. Performance is what ultimately separates you from average competitors. Performance is what you will be judged for later. If you operate at high-level others will know. If you mess it up, they will know as well. The more successful you become, the more you drive into stress. Pressure to keep improving your performance. Stress is one of the major components what brings you to the top and more importantly let you remain there. Sure if you are a toady you can not deal with stress.
Toadies prefer being in the warm and safety comfort zone. The Comfort Zone is keeping you happy with business and vice versa. You definitely want to avoid being in the comfort zone for too long because it just means you are stagnating and not improving quite. The art is to become comfortable being uncomfortable. To understanding and acknowledging that you have a dark side in you. A dark side that keeps telling you-you got to become better than the rest.  Tim S. Grover refers to the dark side in human beings as listening to your natural instincts. The dark side has no fear. The only thing you crave for is the success. You don’t care about the road you got to take for that, the only thing you care about is the end result. The result which feels so f*cking amazing. The key point here is to have the whole time the control over your emotions and for what you are doing. Stop blaming others for what the outcome of your decisions is. If you succeed it is because you did it right, if thou f*cked it up it is because you messed it up. You. Nobody else. Only toadies blame others for their own failure. You as being on your way to become the superior competitor know what you got to do to fix your failure. You. And only you know it. You don’t care about negative influences from the outside. All you care about is the end result.
In our new Book “How you’ll become the Superior Competitor others fear,” released on September 1, we accurately show you step by step how we turn you into that highly respected state of competing. For now, what you need to know is that stress is our inner impulse. I am talking here about the positive stress that keeps you focussed, motivated, relentless. Relentless is the number one characteristic if you seek for surpassing average. Being relentless will significantly increase your success while you are working hard. Working hard is the key. Working hard implies that you got an impulse prior. An Impuls so strong that navigates you through an enormous distracting world of social media communication and jealousy.
Working hard is stress. Positively though. Forget about all the wrong and totally over exaggerated promises and claims that you can work only a few hours per week and make the living others dream of. Those “experts” claim to having passive income is the key. What they don’t tell you is the fact that those people having passive income are the experts in what they invested in. They know exactly what they were doing. They know more than everybody else. More than you. More than me. More than bankers. They had to earn all their knowledge throughout years and in some cases even decades. So get clear on this: You got to work your ass off for greatness. You have to do more than the majority in that area. You got talent? Fine, you still have to make an extraordinary effort.
The truly unstoppable individual drives into stress rather than to avoid it. He or she loves challenging their own comfort zone each and every day. These people have the deep inner crave to become unbelievable. To be better than the rest. Better than you. Oh wait, are you one of these? Make your decision now and go for it with all you got and with whatever it takes.

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6 Ways to Become a Leader Everyone Wants to Work For

Becoming a leader is more than about self-affirmation, it is about people. It is about guiding your team and your community to be the best versions of themselves as they can be. It’s about being the Michael Jordan, or better yet the Oprah Winfrey or Elon Musk, of your company, team or organization.

Being a leader is more than about making yourself look good, but making sure everyone else does. Becoming a leader means you are the one to take upon more responsibility than just yourself, but for a whole team.

Seem like a lot? Yes? But the pay-off is well worth it.

It requires extra work, persistence, vision and drive to see your team soar high beyond your expectations. Everyone wants to be a good leader or to work for a great leader (and possibly some day lead on their own). I find that working in teams, I naturally gravitate to the leadership position, as my teammates can feel the power, compassion, and drive that oozes from my soul in everything that I do.

They feel this and want to follow—but with these great gifts, comes great responsibility. Not only do I have to make sure my work is exceptional, but it is also my responsibility to see my teammates produce unique work as well and to grow and develop their skills. All of this is in my foresight for my team goals—to see each and every person excel and to have the team shine as a whole.

Here are a few essential traits that I inspire and aspire to portray as a leader everyone wants to work with:

1. Service Mentality

Don’t get this confused for weakness, my friends. This is the most powerful tool any leader can use. Why? When you’re less worried about your ego self, the flow of life becomes simpler. How? Because it’s less about you, and more about others. So, what is this so-called service mentality? It is a mindset that is customer centric (meaning having customers best interest in mind). When you finally realize that business is a ‘service’ based industry and that you cannot make money by just serving only yourself, you will be prosperous. A customer, passion and service centric mentality is essential to the flourishing of any leaders business and their followers. 

2. Courage and Integrity

What is Integrity? It is the courage and guts to confront any issue or animosity directly. You call people out constructively for their own well-being (devoid of condemnation). You stand up for what’s right and adhere to all of the rules no matter what. You admit when you are wrong and solicit feedback. You relinquish your ego-self and replenish with your leader-self. You face fear head on, running into your biggest insecurities, faults, and defects. This is the only way to heal, self-reflect, and lead others.

3. Openness

Clarity and unambiguousness are what your team is looking for. They want a leader that is transparent and shares what she or he truly desires and feels. They want you to be honest and open with them. Traditional leadership has sometimes been seen as controversial because leaders would “lie” to their employees for ‘their own good’. A white lie only covers up what will later be revealed, thus spawning inherent distrust among traditional leaders (i.e. financial, political, religious and governmental institutions). This has led to a new construction in the realms of our current systems and institutions. Trust and openness are the new business and leadership model. Not convincing? This is what Stanford Business says about How Smart Leaders Build Trust.

4. Passion

For whatever you do, this is the most crucial element for any leader. There must be passion evident and overflowing from your being that is infectious to all—your team, family, friends, etc. This is one of the most important qualities that will then stem into all of the other qualities. This is the most important aspect to keep alive (keep feeding the fire consistently). Passion comes from within your core, it is not something topical. Here’s how you can dig deeper to find it.

5. Consistency

Your team, employees, and group need consistency from they way you speak, act, deliver ideas and projects–and most importantly, emotionally. They need consistency to keep them in cadence, because it ‘s hard to follow a boss that is all over the place. You must be the living epitome of the microcosm that you are trying to represent, this being consistency. Be what you ask for in your team members or employees. Be the very thing you need and want times ten. Consistency allows for measurement, accountability, reputation, relevance and validity in your message.

6. Wisdom

Every good leader needs the wisdom to help guide their people. Preceding wisdom comes experience. With knowledge comes the collision of self-reflection. This makes it possible for one to guide themselves, as well as a team. One can have the highest IQ, EQ, and credentials, but without experience—you are missing something very significant. This is like holding a textbook with all the answers to life, but never opening the book. Without wisdom, intelligence, EQ, and experience combined, you are missing a vital part of leading. But with a combination of all of the above-mentioned ingredients, you are on your way to designing an invincibility serum in leadership. This is what Harvard Business School thinks about Wise Leaders.

In essence, being a leader that everyone wants to work for is more dynamic than simply mastering one field. To become unstoppable, you must develop, craft and execute each skill mentioned to be the best leader you could have ever imagined yourself to be. This is not a one-time deal but takes consistency. Use these golden nuggets of truth to begin the journey to becoming the best version of yourself daily.

This article is inspired from forbes.com Jess Schmitt. Image sourced from entrepreneur.com