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The Challenge for Google’s Pixel Phone

Google has recently brought a new high-end segment smartphone on the market: Pixel. However, there are challenges for Google to gather meaningful marketshare.

Pixel is an amazing phone. Concerning its functions and abilities, Pixel can compete with other high-end smartphones, such as the latest versions of Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy product line.

While Apple and Samsung both have an excellent brand reputation to its target groups, Google is widely known for its core competency in software, rather than in providing hardware. Also, Google may suffer from the invention of the Nexus phone back in 2010 concerning brand recognition. There were several issues with the Nexus phone, i. e. software issues. Customers were likely to be dissatisfied by that phone.

Challenge 1: Negating the negative brand recognition regarding smartphones, caused by the Nexus Phone Case.
Besides the image problem, there are also several other challenging tasks for gathering a meaningful market share. To successfully launching products, the branding process has to go through four stages, according to the AIDA Model it is illustrated as follows: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

Challenge 2: The main competitor is Apple’s iPhone 7 and Samsung’s Galaxy S7
To research how successful Google has been on its Pixel launch, regarding the AIDA Model, we conducted a small market research, based on the Phone’s awareness, interest, desire, and preference. The participants were considered as millenniums. These research conclusions will be shown in the next Blog Post.

Challenge 3: Both, Apple and Samsung have an impressive market share in the US and Europe; a strong brand preference -and awareness customer wise
The importance of being aware of the main competitors is crucial when it comes to successfully launching products with common targets. Due to the highly competitive nature of high-end segment smartphone, Pixel is supposed to be advertised in an innovative, comparing manner, since Pixel might be better from certain angles than its competitors.

Challenge 4: Changing Google’s brand recognition from a software core competency company towards an innovative, dynamic and kind of cool high-end customer segment smartphone company

To accomplish these 4 challenges, we conducted first a market research through convenient sampling and developed a solution approach afterward, based on the results of our research and what we were taught in the class of International Marketing in MIB at Hult.

I’ll address our market research and our solutions in the upcoming blog posts.

Stay tuned!

How I consistently produce high-performance in a stressful environment

Today’s world of Business and Success is mostly driven by stressors, such as time based deadlines and highly competitive everyday interactions.

So, how can we make sure to be capable of performing at our highest level? I personally have found my way, to put my HP most efficiently on the road:

#1: I do Intermittent Fasting on the 16/8 schedule combined with the Ketogenic Diet Approach

Honestly, nutrition is critical in almost every area of life, where performance counts. As some of you may know, besides my business interests, I am highly interested in Biochemistry, concerning the hormones and the functioning of the human body under certain circumstances. There is a bunch of Research suggesting that Fasting for about 16 hrs per day is highly beneficial for both, mental clearness as well a shedding body fat. Combined with an ultra-low-carb Ketogenic Diet approach, you are even going to multiply those effects. These impressive results are closely linked to low insulin levels and high human growth hormone (HGH) levels. I would highly recommend you to try this nutritional approach out. The first few days will be hard because your body is running on sugar as the preferred source of energy, but once your body is fat adapted (lasts between 7-10 days of 16/8 fasting combined with Ketogenic Diet), you’ll feel the difference. When your Body uses fat as the primary source of energy, it produces ketone bodies as the preferred energy fuel. Running on ketone bodies also mean that the process within the Body to use required energy for certain activities is much cleaner with far less negative byproducts than doing so on sugar-based energy consumption. I highly recommend you the talks of Dr. Michael VanDershelden on Intermittent Fasting and Ketogenic Diet, to be found here:

#2: Exercise

Believe it or not: Exercise is an appropriate way that will improve large areas of our life. There are a variety of ways to excretes your mind and body including, weightlifting, involving yourself in some kind of a team sport, or yoga where you can meditate and excursus your mind in a relaxed state. Do it at least 3x a week. I personally prefer weightlifting, my biggest idol happens to be Vince Gironda the World Champions’ trainer. Weightlifting has given me the discipline, persuasion, focus and passion needed for success.

#3: A positive and growth mindset

My Co-Author Kyle Small recently posted an awesome article on my Blog about the benefits of having a growth mindset. I would like to add something to his points: Surround yourself also with active, energetic and influential people. This will give you a different view towards certain topics and questions.

#4: I use a proven technique to reduce stress levels (Cortisol Levels) in my body

I had explored this technique awhile ago when Dr. Doug McGuff talked about it at the 21 Convention in Tampa, Florida: You take a deep breath through your nose for 4 seconds, then you hold the air 4 seconds and then you breath out with mouth 4 seconds. Now repeat this cycle 4 times. This technique is reducing your stress levels dramatically. Check out this video:

#5: Meditation and relaxation every other day

I enjoy entering the jacuzzi followed by the sauna because I first off enjoy it. Also attending these things after a long day of being concentrated and focused makes it easier to unwind. Since we got our own Jacuzzi and sauna, my roommates and I are really treading the both like our best friend. It calms us down, relaxes our mind and lead us to easy small talks with people we wouldn’t meet elsewhere. This time allows me to reflect on my day, elaborate on ideas with close friends, and ultimately rest.

My first impressions of San Francisco, after living here for the first three weeks

As some of you may know, I recently moved to the US in order to pursue my Master of International Business at HULT International Business School in San Francisco.

Here are three crucial things I’ve noticed so far among others.

Note #1: San Francisco is highly expensive by any means, compared to other cities. It matches NYC.

The city is outstandingly expensive in almost every area you can think of. In particular the rent for accommodation, not only in the city itself but also in the surrounded bay area. One of my roommates and I were subsequently looking through a lot of different places until we found one, meeting the group’s desires and requirements.

Note #2: San Francisco is pretty international, open-minded and natives are actively interested in the mechanisms of the German education system.

I’ve had a lot of conversations leading into the German school system. Even though Germany is considered as a small country, in regards to its geographic size, it is highly respected by Americans. This contradicts the common German prejudgement towards the American mentality.

Note #3: The Entrepreneurial Spirit spread out from the Silicon Valley throughout the whole city is overwhelming and inspiring by any active means.

Once you’re in San Francisco, you’ll be capable of experiencing the so-called Entrepreneurial Spirit. Spread by the most breakthrough companies in the world, San Francisco has this unique, awesome atmosphere, which is probably very rare found elsewhere.

What this all amounts to is that attending San Francisco, in particular, the Silicon Valley, might be highly beneficial for your Personal Development.