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6 Ways to Become a Leader Everyone Wants to Work For

Becoming a leader is more than about self-affirmation, it is about people. It is about guiding your team and your community to be the best versions of themselves as they can be. It’s about being the Michael Jordan, or better yet the Oprah Winfrey or Elon Musk, of your company, team or organization.

True Happiness

This will challenge typical motivation approaches.

How to win people to Your way of thinking

It has often been discussed how to use different methods to influence people towards one’s personal point of view. However, every Individual is different and hence, I strongly believe there is no “one way” solution. In the following Blog Post, I am suggesting a solution approach, based on my personal experience.

Die 3 Regeln, wie Sie die 1,0 in Präsentationen meistern

“Don’t just be good-be so good they can’t ignore you” -C. Guillebeau

Präsentationen sind eines der spannendsten und zugleich anspruchsvollsten Themengebiete. Dieses gilt sowohl für die Universität als auch für den Beruf. In diesem Beitrag zeige Ich Ihnen 3 Regeln, die Ihren Vortrag extrem überzeugend wirken lassen werden.