-BlogBuster- Become #Unstoppable, Pt. 1

Are you willing to go that far to achieve Personal Development at its Finest?

This is finally it, the first part of our BlogBuster. This is how you not only become good. This is not only how you become great. This is all about going beyond greatness, to a level others fear to dream of. This is how you become unstoppable. This is how you’ll be considered as the ultimate competitor; the man or woman who takes care of the job, regardless of its circumstances. This is what you want to become. This is superior. This is personal development at its finest.

The Guide to #BecomeUnstoppable:

I. You know exactly what you want in life. Your mind is clear, sharp, and you are in fight mode. 
II. You are willing to sacrifice.

Let’s be clear on one point: When you actually want to become unstoppable, you have to sacrifice other activities. This is a pathway for you, namely from being good, to great and then to finally become invincible. It requires a lot of effort. Energy, you have to be ready for spending, mentally -and time-wise. You have to practice this particular activity over and over again. 100 times, 1000 times, and maybe even 10,000 times. You go beyond the point of discomfort. The point most people fear. The point most people are not focussed enough for. But you are. You are focussed. You are not affected by social media and other distracting things. Your mind is clear, sharp, and in fight mode. You are willing to spend most of your time. You understood multitasking is a myth and an inhibitor on your journey to becoming legendary.

III. Learn to not even give a single f*ck on negative people, who hate you because of what you achieved. Throw them out of your life.

Success is a lonely road. The majority of people will hate you for it. Only a very few will love you for it. For these select few, you are their inspiration. The remaining are jealous. They won’t achieve sh*t in their lives, and they know it for a fact. They start talking sh*t about you to build up a significant position because there is no other way they can be in the spotlight. I have seen this phenomenon lot of times. It annoyed me. I thought about what those people did to the others that these individuals are full of negativity and hate. I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by successful people with remarkable mindsets, ever since I was a kid. Coming from a successful entrepreneurial family, I learned to not even give a single f*ck about the negative, annoying people. I threw all of these people out of my life. It might be hard and tough. It was the best decision ever, though. I surrounded myself with people having the same values and the same mindset as I have. It gave me a huge boost on my Personal Development Plan.

IV. Stay hungry for higher success. Continuously improve to climb the throne and remain at the top. Your competitors are waiting for your weakness to attack you

The more successful you get, the more people will likely be jealous. Likewise, the pressure is increasing with every step getting you closer to greater success. Prepare yourself for that. Be mentally and physically ready for this. To achieve, and more importantly remain at the top, you have to improve continuously. Yes, this may be tough, once you have reached superior level. Anyway, it is mandatory for you to keep growing. Your opponents will use every chance to kick you from the throne. Be aware of this. Stay hungry. Lead the competition. Let them compete with you rather than the other way around. You don’t have to love the way you have to go for your personal definition of success. If you do despite the potential chaos, this is even better. You go your way anyway because you are addicted to the end result of becoming legendary.

The Guide to #BecomeUnstoppable:

I. You know exactly what you want in life. Your mind is clear, sharp and you are in fight mode. 
II. You are willing to sacrifice
III. Learn to not even give a single f*ck on negative people, who hate you because of what you achieved. Throw them out of your life.
IV. Stay hungry for higher success. Continuously improve to climb the throne and remain at the top. Your competitors are waiting for your weakness to attack you

This is part 1 of our BlogBuster series. Inhale these Guidelines to set the stage for the greatest success that you would have thought is never possible for you to achieve. We want you to know that…

It is achievable.

How to Influence People and Build a Sound Community Around your Business

I’ve always had big dreams, growing up with my head in the clouds imagining how I could make the world a better place.

I always admired Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Rosa Parks and Jane Austin. I’ve always had big dreams, growing up with my head in the clouds imagining how I could make the world a better place. I always admired Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Rosa Parks and Jane Austin. I kept my eyes on them because they inspired me, they made me believe that I could do anything when my parents or friends told me “You could never do that, it’s too difficult”. I always still believed, no matter what anyone said. Growing up most of my life as an introvert, I found it difficult to function day-to-day with people. My social anxiety left me unable to speak most of time, while all of my thoughts, opinions and experiences were casted away forgotten and unexpressed. All of the brilliance and intelligence that were hidden beneath took years to be able to expose. I didn’t realize how important my voice was and how I could use it to create the world around me. Back then, I wanted to save the world. I wanted equality for all, I wanted a clean environment, and hopefully some day my own business. I had big dreams, but lacked the ability to express them to others. There was so much passion and drive spewing from my being, with nowhere to focus it. I look back now and realize how silly I have been to let my voice, my charisma, and my happiness lie dormant for so many years.

It began in my undergraduate years of college when I studied political science. My professors were slowly chipping away at my anxiety and building a strong, well-expressed and influential person. We had research presentations, negotiations, debates and socratic seminars that were graded based on how convincing you are to your audience and if you had a relevant provable argument. This is an introvert’s nightmare, well, for me it was. I dreaded every single minute that my voice cracked, my hands shook, and my mind went blank. I did not enjoy this, but it was a journey towards growth. All of the activities, projects, presentations and debates groomed me and made me stronger. I realized that in life, you ultimately (on every level) have to communicate with human beings on a day-to-day basis to share your vision of the world and to create things anew. I realized that this was not possible by staying within my comfort zone.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. – MLK

The ability to communicate effectively and rally a team towards a common goal are often underestimated when making a dream business come to fruition. Look at some of the greatest leaders in our society like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Bill Gates. These powerful individuals mastered the art of influence and driving social change to be successful.

Here are 6 tips to influencing people and building a community around your business.

1. Practice Charismatic Communication

First and foremost, it is important to be charismatic but to also communicate with the people around you, whether it be a team, a business, a best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend. Charisma is keeping a good attitude, inspiring others with a charm that is compelling and inspirational. If you’re having trouble with unleashing your authentic charismatic self, work on being comfortable with who you are and loving yourself as is. This ability to accept yourself one hundred percent will grant you comfort with yourself that others will feel and see. They will be open and feel compelled to either follow or talk to you because there’s something “different” about you, a glow and aura that they cannot seem to describe that attracts them.

2. Invoke Genuineness and Authenticity

There seems to be something special about the humbleness and authenticity of Gandhi and biblical figures like Jesus that led them to have the most followers and impact on society by shifting their climate for the better. The gentleness that blanketed people like Jesus led him to have a huge following of believers; where he taught them, loved them, and befriended them. Or Gandhi, where he inspired radical change through peaceful protest while remaining genuine and gentle when it came to the injustices he saw in the world. Both of these individuals remained genuine and authentic to their true selves. Being inherently peaceful in nature, they utilized authenticity to drive the change they wanted to see in the world, and it worked. The key is to find the truth in you. Here is how you can bring authenticity to your brand or business.

3. Have Transparency

Being open and honest about everything in business is crucial. Your employees, customers, friends or family do not want to be deceived or misguided. Don’t overlook the importance of being truthful and completely transparent. It may sometimes feel counterintuitive to expose the truth, but by doing so, you give your audience more trust in you. When we are honest, it invokes a feeling of trust in others because you are transparent and open enough, to tell the truth regardless of what others may think. This is key in influencing people and building a community. People are looking for a leader that they can trust their lives and families with. They want to know they can trust you when things get tough.

4. Master the Art of Finesse (the ability to recognize and feel environments)

Finesse is defined as the skillful handling of a situation or adroit maneuvering. It is important to be able to feel a situation or the character of a person as they are and handle the situation in a way that is graceful and maneuvers you, your business, friends or ideas out of the fire and into flourishing environments. Finesse requires careful attention to yourself, your environment and others.  It requires you to interpret how we, as people, interconnect and cause a ripple effect in every situation. Knowing your surroundings when creating your dream is essential to its ability to grow. Let’s say your business is like a garden. By not being aware, one may allow pests to come into the garden and destroy all of your glorious work. But finesse will allow you to pluck the pests before they can affect anything.

5. Improve Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Self-Reflect

Read books like Emotional Intelligence 2.0 that aid in increasing your emotional intelligence using the four core EQ skills―self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management―to exceed your goals and achieve your fullest potential. In building your business or brand, EQ in essential in influencing people and building a community around your business. If you can master your own emotions and relationships with people, you can build your vision, you can get your dream job, you can be the change you wish to see in the world.

6. Have a Strong Mission and Core values/ethics

Concepts like the Golden Circle explain that people don’t care what you do, but they care how you do it. This means that how and why you are building your brand or purpose is inherently very significant. Surrounding your mission and core values within the brand and reinforcing these aspects will lead to a trustworthy, authentic business or idea that will yield dedicated followers, employees and friends. They care to see that what they are supporting has good and solid roots.

Life is about interacting with people, helping them, solving problems, seeing the world and creating. If you are a person that has big dreams that your friends or family says will never happen, tell them to think again. People always seem to say “anything is possible”, but how? Do they wave a magic wand to grant all of their dreams to come true with one flick of the wrist? Not likely. The people who believe anything can happen to believe in hard work, persistence, and never underestimate the emotional intelligence and the ability to influence people on a daily basis.

If we do not have this, we do not have change. By investing in yourself, we do not have the brilliant business idea that falls through the cracks because of bad communication. We get the next wave of innovation by embracing interactions with people and driving them toward our vision that we see is just over the horizon. Begin building the ‘you’ that has always been within. Start making the dreams and visions that you have always dreamt. Start to make your contribution to the world with your brilliance, your passion, your ideas, and your inspiration.
Start now.

How you will become terrifically productive within these 3 Steps

In this article, I will highlight what Sharon Grossman, Ph.D. emphasized in her recently given “Time Mastery” talk here in Francisco.

What is success? The Definition applies to a wide range of achievements. For one being successful means, they have achieved a certain state of living they have ever dreamed of. For others, it is related to having great friendships, with trust, honesty and great discussions. For me, the term of being successful is closely linked to the particular area of life. For instance, if you asked me on how my dreams of being successful in business look ideally like, I would have responded the following: For me being careerwise successful is to earning a certain standard of living with the activity I like doing most. This event combines three essential elements. Firstly, it gives me joy doing it. Secondly, I can earn a living standard. Thirdly, I have skill in doing this activity, and I will still develop my abilities day by day.
But there is one thing I would define as the essential characteristic when considering success. In any success, the #1 most crucial element of setting the stage to be successful is to become productive. Not only as productive as average competitors. I am talking about developing the maximum productivity you can individually achieve. The highest productivity level, of which others will always remain dreaming of. A remarkable productivity is theoretically easy to reach and efforts practically transparent and sustainable steps to implement on a daily basis. I will reveal what Dr. Sharon Grossman taught us, within her “Time Mastery” Talk last week here in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District.

Background: San Francisco. Wednesday evening. A warm Wednesday evening. Luis and I are on our way to this Company we haven’t heard before. To attend talks of speakers, we haven’t been aware of yet. As we arrived, we were firstly surprised that it was kind of small private event. Small events are incredibly efficient to networking and get to know other people on a deep basis. Secondly, we enjoyed this kind of warm atmosphere within the room and among the audience. Shanon Grossman, Ph.D. stepped to the front to introduce herself. She was the first speaker of that evening and the primary reason for us to spend our evening attending that place rather than spending time doing other important things. Dr. Grossman had an incredible confidence when talking in front of us. Not only confidence, but she was also remarkable passionate about expressing her key points. The points she made are fitting into the requirements I emphasized in the opening to this article.

Productivity just means how much you accomplish in a certain amount of time. Some people are incredibly efficient in the way they work and prepare for next day’s tasks. That is remarkable and amazing to watch. Some people claim it is the talent which sets these people apart from less competent people. That is not true. Sure, some people are enhanced when it comes to understanding things and getting links between several factors. However, if you are passionate about a particular activity, you want to do this activity often. Almost always. The sooner you get to it again, the better. That being said, being passionate about an activity sets the stage for becoming an expert in it. Your talent will then evaluate how far you get. All effectively and efficiently working people have one factor in common: They are all likely to pursuing their goal at highest productivity output possible.

Dr. Sharon Grossman’s analysis and solution approach come now into play. She found out that people, in particular, Millenials, are incredibly inefficient in how they accomplish tasks with consideration to time. That is because of one, they are not focused enough to just a single task, and secondly, they try to multitask, which harms working productivity significantly with negative correlation. The art is to find the sweet spot between time effort and time efficiency. Here is how you maximize your productivity potential to the fullest:

#1: Stop trying to Multitask. Multitasking is a myth. You can only be maximum productive on one task at a time. If you consider doing one task to the fullest efficiency you are 100% productive. If you do have two tasks instead, you might have a productivity of 80% on task A and 20% of work B. You aren’t highly productive. Neither on task A nor on B. 

#2: Work with a list. Seriously, planning your day or week ahead saves you a lot of time and makes things easier. Once you know you have everything scheduled, you can fully focus your mind and your thoughts on your specified task, without having time bottlenecks in your head subconsciously.

#3: Prioritize your activities. Once you made your list, start prioritizing your duties. The most important quests are set on top, the less necessary activities are shifted to the lower end of your list.

In the end, I would like to express that achieving highest productivity is a science and art at the same time. The science understands the myth of multitasking and the art is becoming passionate about something to set the stage to achieve the highest possible knowledgeable level and also reaching the stage of productivity you thought would have never been possible to accomplish.

7 Thoughts to Achieve Superior Focus

I will expose how I have achieved superior focus for the first time in my career

The first time I sat down to write this article was actually in the middle of a lecture. The professor had reached a part of that day’s lesson which was covered in the textbook reading which had been assigned to the previous class, and I felt comfortable turning him out for a bit. The first time I tuned back in, he was on an entirely different slide, I turned in took note and hoped I hadn’t missed something entirely. After a few minutes he started an anecdote that I didn’t care much for so I took to the internet, checked Facebook where I had a few notifications and a message to respond to, my thigh buzzed where my phone was resting, and a text came up on my screen as banner which made me realize I should check back on the lecture.

This time I knew I had missed something, there was at least one slide I had no notes on. I glanced at my neighbor’s screen to get a sense of what I had missed but couldn’t see it clearly. An email notification popped up that I knew needed immediate attention, so I clicked to respond right away. Then down the rabbit hole, I went. I checked all four of my commonly used emails, responded to several messages, got back to the text I had ignored, got a text that reminded me I hadn’t checked Instagram this morning inspiring me to pull out my phone. Soon I had completely given up on my class notes and turned back to writing this article.

I was the perfect demonstration of the problems that plague almost every person I know, problems that Cal Newton aims to help out device-addled brains overcome in “Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World.” A book filled to the brim with psychological studies and practical tips, his book makes the case that high-level focus is not only becoming more difficult but also increasingly rare, and therefore valuable.

Managing one’s attention not only makes you more productive, but it helps you to improve every aspect of each experience in your life. To achieve deep work, we must focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task. It’s not easy, and I’m sure Newport would agree with me, that it is necessary to reach the highest quality of work you are capable of.

Inspired by Deep Seven, here are seven tips for learning to do deep work and cultivating time for it.

  1. Be bad at email

Newport advises people to resist the need to appear productive. Emailing at all hours, constantly in meetings and returning messages right away can feel productive but in reality, it can often just add to your distractions. Letting there be times when you are actually engaged and not worried about getting to the next thing is beneficial. Not every email indeed demands a response.

  1. Embrace boredom

If you spend time being bored, you will get distracted less. Once you are wired for distraction you crave it, you need to rewire your brain to stay focused. Next time you need to relax and find yourself turning to Facebook or Twitter, do nothing, just take a minute and bathe in the silence.

  1. Eliminate known distractions

Put your phone in the kitchen if you’re working in your living room. Find a space where you won’t be tempted to turn on the television, or can’t hear your roommates watching a movie. Go sit in the library where everyone around you will be working, focused and quiet. You won’t be near as tempted to goof-off if you create a real sense of needing to get things done.

  1. Follow the law of scarcity

Jason Fried, the co-founder of 37signals, did an experiment with all of his employees where he had them all work four-day work weeks. He discovered something vital, “once everyone has less time to get their stuff done, they respect that time even more.” When you have fewer hours to accomplish a task, you are going to spend them more wisely. Set yourself deadlines and create penalties if you break them. Just watch how much more focused you get.

  1. Allow time to take a break

Distraction to a certain extent is inevitable. The brain can have the true and full focus for 60-90 minutes at a time. Keep this in mind when scheduling an event or series of meeting. You need to decompress and get a glass of water, have a snack, get some fresh air. Know this, and it will help keep you present in your other activities.

  1. Track yourself

Pay attention to the things that cause you to fall into the traps of distraction. Are you hungry? What thoughts happened just before? Does your mind jump? Could you have a note sheet to jot down that email you need to respond to instead of dealing with it during a lecture?

  1. Turn off the world

When you can turn off the internet on your computer. Put your phone on airplane mode during your meeting, or a class you struggle to pay attention in. Force the distractions to fall away for a while, and you’ll find that it’s easier to handle the net chunk of time when you need to give something all of your attention

Taking the time to reevaluate your habits and improve your own productivity is such a productive activity. If you’re stuck and looking for inspiration beyond this post, check out Prof. Newport’s book, it’s definitely worth the read. I know that reading books and articles about improving my own focus have already impacted the way that I interact with those I work with. Just today I made just my laptop was in do not disturb mode so that no incoming emails or text messages would pull my focus from the meeting at hand.

I will expose how I have achieved superior focus for the first time in my career

How to turn your Passion into your Reality within these 5 steps

I will reveal what we were taught by Sean Sheppard, from the GrowthX Academy at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center here in San Francisco.

Having a Passion in life is great. Having a Passion is terrific. Having a Passion means that you go for something particular. You think about this Passion all the time, you love those thoughts. You would love to do that activity your whole time actually. Many people try to earn a living by the attempt to transfer their passion into their actual job- with little to no success. They fail. They had spent all their money. They are broke. They stop pursuing their dream job. And you? You have read about those stories, and you are afraid to fail either. Failing to take all your courage and to go for your Passion. But what if I show you a 5-step pathway today on how to achieve this supreme state? I will reveal, what we were taught by Sean Sheppard, from the GrowthX Academie at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center here in San Francisco.

Background: San Francisco. The city of innovation. The city of great companies, such as LinkedIn or Fitbit. The stronghold of technological excellence within the startup scene. The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center is frequently giving great opportunities for listening to excellent speakers. So with the talk by Sean Sheppard from the GrowthX Academy, who held a discussion on how to hack your career. Within this talk, he explained the most essential points to take into consideration when pursuing that particular goal.

Make your Passion your Reality within these 5 Steps:

  1. Get Clear about your goal. Define your vision:
    – Put all of your concerns and fears aside in this step and just think about what activities made you being happy as a child. Reflect on the 5 most satisfying activities and list them up.
    – Now imagine 5 events, you were most passionate about as a teenager. Compare both of your lists and combine them into the TOP 5 overall list.
    – Pick one of those 5 activities and consider doing that particular activity in the upcoming week. After this week, get back to the list of activities you love the most. Week #2 is the week in which you perform your next activity from your list. Keep on doing that process for the next 5 weeks until you run through all of your listed activities.
  2. Clearly define the ideal job or profile that interests you the most. Also, consider responsibilities and skills needed for that job.
  3. Define your ideal company profile. What is the Value Proposition, customer segment, stage, and size of the business, growth and mentorship opportunities, salary, culture, benefits, and so on? Research for those aspects and find the company which fits into your preferences.
  4. Start the job search process identifying job openings of your ideal role on the list of typical companies. Look inside your network if someone does what your ideal position is, or if someone works in one of your ideal companies. Meet with people working in that role or business.
  5. Pitch yourself, telling your past experience, and value that you create. Research a problem that the company is having and present a solution to show the value that you create for the enterprise.
    Since I am actively pursuing my dreams with, among other, the usage of my personal list, things have become much easier and more exciting. In my opinion that is based on one, your focus has been sharpened when making your own list and second, you know you are on the right way finding out what you really love doing in life and what you really want in your life business wise.
    Finally, I want to give credit to Sean Sheppard for the terrific information he provided in his talk. In my mind, those given aspects are highly valuable and furthermore easy to implement in your everyday life. Start making your personal list today!

Your Strongest Asset: Your Mind

You may not know it yet, but you have a great unleashed potential, which is waiting to get revealed

Have you ever wondered how other people around you have achieved the grade of success they did? You know what, you should appreciate their success and let them inspire you in your own way! The World is competition. Competing is performing. Without competition, there is little to no performance. That is what Arnold has been saying for years. If you blame other people for having just luck or the right network you do one of the most common mistakes possibles which inhibit your own acceleration. Stop blaming outside circumstances and start with the most essential step: Reflecting your own performance.

According to Cambridge, the mind is “the part of a person that makes it possible for him or her to think, feel emotions, and understand things,” that is interesting! So means that your mind is what all starts and with what all will end. Your mind is kind of your boss. It determines the pathway you are supposed to go. Empowering your mind will lead to superior personal success and achieving own’s maximum.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the greatest examples when it comes to an understanding how powerful the mind affects your life. When Arnold first came to America in 1968 nobody believed in him. Nevertheless, he has always believed in what he did. Firmly, with a passionate vision and the will it takes to become a champion. He first started out competing in Bodybuilding. He has taken this sport to a new level. After retiring in Bodybuilding, Arnold began his career in the field of movies. He was told that he was too big, his accent is too thick, and his last name is too hard to pronounce. However, Schwarzenegger had transferred the mindset which, among other things, made him Mr. Olympia to the new field. He knew that when he aims to also succeed in movies, he has to put the effort in he had put into his training before. His mind was ready, his effort followed. As you may know, Arnold has become one of the most well-paid actors in Hollywood. After succeeding in movies, he moved on to politics. And guess what? He did the same methods as for Bodybuilding and for movies. He became the Gouverneur of California. Until today he is so successful with what he is doing that it is almost unbelievable.

Long story short, Arnold’s journey of success from a young teenager having the dream to go one day to America has not only become real but also illustrated what is possible when you believe in your abilities, in your talent and in what you are doing. At the end of the day, this comes all back down to your mindset!

That is why I personally refer to the mind as your most valuable asset!

Create your own Reality

Are you still dreaming or already actively pursuing your visions?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, reality is explained as “the state of things as they are, rather than as they are imagined to be.” Really? So if that is applicable, then who is setting this reality? Who is estimating what is an illusion and what is the real world? Those questions are not answered yet, which indicates reality might be something variable. Likewise, to what we discussed in my last Blog Post,  the strength of visualizing a particular picture over and over again is shifting your mind toward the accomplishment. Means that your whole way of thinking will be affected by this visualization. Supported by one of the greatest thinkers of his time, Dale Carnegie has already stated 80 years ago that you can shift the mind of your surrounding and win people to your way of thinking subconsciously through specific methods.This implies that you can actively change individuals’ reality. I have recently read an adamant book “How to unf*k yourself – get out of your head into your mind” by Gary John Bishop. One of my takeaways from this great author was the scientifically proven fact that the physical structure of our brain is affected by our thoughts. This fact goes hand in hand with what we have discussed earlier in my “Visualization” Blog Post and underlines its importance.
The bottom line is, everybody has his/her reality. Consequently, reality is individually driven, and hence there can’t be only one set one.

As I have already addressed in my last Post, I visualize the reality I want to drive in. I create an adamant imagination of my goal, but it even goes beyond this: I put myself into the feeling I will experience this vision. How it feels. How it looks like, and also how it differs from my status quo. In this sense, each of us has dreams and visions. In my opinion, the difference between those who succeed in these ambitions and the majority who will remain to keep on thinking about it is the mind. If you visualize your wanted reality firm, desirable and definite enough your body and each aspect of your attitude and personal behavior will change subsequently. Changes might occasionally be a beautiful thing. It might be one of the greatest things in one’s personal development.

So, what is the takeaway from these lines? It is that life is a pathway of challenging yourself frequently. Whether it is careers-, relationship-, personal-, or body wise. As we discussed in my article about “True Happiness,” honest euphoria and joy come from solving problems of any kind. With any step, you have taken further you slightly modified your reality, and that is a natural process. So I want to ask you sincerely, are you still dreaming or already actively pursuing your visions?

Start challenging yourself!