7 Thoughts to Achieve Superior Focus

I will expose how I have achieved superior focus for the first time in my career

How to turn your Passion into your Reality within these 5 steps

I will reveal what we were taught by Sean Sheppard, from the GrowthX Academy at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center here in San Francisco.

Your Strongest Asset: Your Mind

You may not know it yet, but you have a great unleashed potential, which is waiting to get revealed

Create your own Reality

Are you still dreaming or already actively pursuing your visions?

The Importance of Visualization

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger has emphasized its importance from his early years in the US until now.

True Happiness

This will challenge typical motivation approaches.

The Challenge for Google’s Pixel Phone

Google has recently brought a new high-end segment smartphone on the market: Pixel. However, there are challenges for Google to gather meaningful marketshare.

Some ways to develop your Interpersonal Skills

Today, the likelihood of someone gaining employment isn’t based off of knowledge and technical skills, but more importantly the ability to build and maintain relationships is what will land you a job. So owning and developing interpersonal skills will determine if you succeed or fail.

How to High Perform in Presentations

Presentations are crucial when it comes to business. Ever since I have begun my pursuit of higher learning, I have appreciated the experiences of presentations and having the chance to talk about topics and ideas that I am knowledgable on.

How I consistently produce high-performance in a stressful environment

Today’s world of Business and Success is mostly driven by stressors, such as time based deadlines and highly competitive everyday interactions.