How to use the Growth Mindset to promote your development in business, relationships, and your career

In today’s world there are many hurtles that you face in the process of building your personal and professional development.

My first impressions of San Francisco, after living here for the first three weeks

As some of you may know, I recently moved to the US in order to pursue my Master of International Business at HULT International Business School in San Francisco.

How you’ll become confident

In my view, being confident is one of the most pivotal characteristics for a large area in today’s world. This applies to both, women as well as men. But how will you build up real inner strong confidence? I’ll talk about my way.

How to win people to Your way of thinking

It has often been discussed how to use different methods to influence people towards one’s personal point of view. However, every Individual is different and hence, I strongly believe there is no “one way” solution. In the following Blog Post, I am suggesting a solution approach, based on my personal experience.

Die 3 Regeln, wie Sie die 1,0 in Präsentationen meistern

“Don’t just be good-be so good they can’t ignore you” -C. Guillebeau

Präsentationen sind eines der spannendsten und zugleich anspruchsvollsten Themengebiete. Dieses gilt sowohl für die Universität als auch für den Beruf. In diesem Beitrag zeige Ich Ihnen 3 Regeln, die Ihren Vortrag extrem überzeugend wirken lassen werden.

Wieso Sie den Erfolg anderer honorieren sollten

„Challenge your Status Quo“ -J. Ferruggia

Erfolg – aus jeglichem Blickwinkel – ist eine Mischung aus Talent, Ehrgeiz, früher Zielsetzungen und Glück. Erfolgreiche Menschen sind nicht nur effektiv- sondern additiv dazu effizient in dem was sie tun.